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Terms of purchase

I.Ordering procedure

Add to Shopping Cart

After selection of the Product, You can add it – in discretional number – to the basket by clicking on the “Shopping Cart” button, which will not give rise to an obligation of purchase or payment by You, since adding to the basket is not be considered as a bid.

We suggest that You should add the product to the basket even if You are uncertain whether to purchase the particular product or not, since by doing so You can overview the selected items by a single click and by displaying them on the monitor You can view and compare the items You have in the basket at the given moment. You will be free to change the contents of the basket until finalizing the order by clicking button “Confirm order” any product can be removed from or add to the basket or You can change the number of selected items at Your discretion.

Checking out Shopping Cart

While using the website, You can overview the contents of the basket at any time by clicking the “Checking out basket” button at the top of the page. Here You can remove the selected item form the basket or change the number of items. After pressing the “Update basket” button the system will display the information compliant with the data changed by You, including the price of products.

Provision of Customer’s data

After pressing “Add to Cart” button the system will display the contents of the basket and the full purchase price payable by You if You have decided to purchase the selected items. You should mark in the “Shopping Cart” box whether You request for collection in person (personal collection) or for delivery. In the case of delivery, the system will display the delivery charge which You will be required to pay in the case of order.

You can give Your e-mail address, Your full name, address and phone number in the “Enter Data” box. The system will automatically store the data, provided at the entry of “Invoice Address” and “Shipping Address”. In case You request for the products to be delivered to another address than that, please remove the tick. You can give additional information at Your discretion in the “Additional data” box.

Overview of the order

After filling in the textboxes specified in the previous section You can continue the ordering procedure by clicking on “Next” or delete/correct the data already entered by clicking on “Back to Cart” button and return to the contents of the basket. If You click the button “Next”, You will arrive to page “Order Summary”. There You can see a summary of the data provided by You earlier, such as contents of the Shopping Cart, personal information, invoice and shipping address, shipping method and the payment method.

II. Finalizing “Confirm order”(bid)

III. Processing of the order, conclusion of the contract

 „Following the receipt of the bid sent by the Customer the Service Provider shall confirm it without delay via an automatic e-mail to the Customer, which confirmation e-mail shall contain the data provided by You in the course of shopping or the registration (billing and delivery information): ID number and date of the order, list and quantity of the ordered items, price of the products, delivery charge and the payable total amount.

Such confirmation e-mail sent by the Service Provider shall qualify as the acceptance of the bid made by the Customer, which will imply conclusion of a valid contract between the Service Provider and Customer.

The Customer shall be relieved of the obligation arising from the bid if he does not receive the e-mail confirming his/her order from the Service provider without delay but not later than within 48 hours.”

IV. Payment and shipping methods


We accept the following methods of payment:

Pay with PayPal

When choosing to pay via PayPal, you will be automatically redirected to the PayPal site where you can log in using your existing PayPal account. The total sum (price and shipping) will be displayed again on the PayPal payment page together with the order number. All the steps are automized and quick.

Pay with your Credit Card

We accept payments by credit card.

We accept the following types of credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • American Express
  • Maestro


Delivery will be made via various courier services.