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About us

Pesti Sport International Kft. 

Registered seat: 1133 Budapest,Váci út 100.

Registration number: 13-09-308643

EU VAT number : HU23574656



Hosting: Kft.

Bank account: TransferWise Europe SA

IBAN: BE30 9671 1106 9511

Pesti Sport International Kft. is a 3 years old company specialized in racketsports and re-stringing in East Europe, Hungary. Next  to online sales we have a premium shop in the heart of Budapest  with more than 100 square meters, where we can receive the customers in 6 days of the week. You have the possibility there to buy your favourite products until you wait for us to string your racket. We also have a meeting room next to our store where we can receive our wholesale partners. If you wish to see our store, click here.

We are proud Distributor and authorized dealer of world brands: Ashaway, Black Knight, Eye Rackets, Victor, FZ Forza, RSL, Tourna and Apacs, Speedminton, making Pesti Sport the biggest racketsports company in Hungary.

Our company has the knowledge the latest racketsports technologies in all the products, making ourselfes able to serve you on the highest level.dWith 3 other members in the company we are able to string more 100 rackets in a week, making Pesti Sport the place where can you get quality in quick time, even if we talk about online orders be sure you will get your racket with your stringing update as fast as possible.

We offer great deals, competitive prices and world-wide shipping all around the globe. Make sure you can live on any place on the planet, we deliver your product there. 

With 8 Distribution rights we have the possibility to hold large quantities of products to serve all the customers - even if they are children, club players, coaches or professionals.